Saturday, March 25, 2006


Dear Indigna,

I read the most awful story in the news today! It seems some neurosurgeon showed up for a surgery, drunk off his ass, and went all postal because he didn’t want to wait for the instruments to be sterilized! Naturally, the doctor was immediately suspended. Isn’t that the most awful thing you’ve ever heard?

Des Plaines, ID

Dear “Ho,”

Absolutely!! C’mon, the guy made one little mistake! Neurosurgeons are people too, you know! And now that poor, poor doctor has been deprived of his livelihood. I mean, why should it take two hours to sterilize instruments? The guy apparently had an ample supply of alcohol right there; what’s wrong with letting him just dip his scalpels as he goes? In my opinion, either the intended patient, the guy who suspended him, and/or the hospital are both morally and legally obligated to pay the neurosurgeon his fee – no cheating with insurance!


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