Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mission Statement

Dear Indigna,

I guess I’m going to be deployed to the Mexican border next week as part of Bush’s “immigration plan.” They say we’ll be there just one to two years, but how long do you think we’ll really be there?

National Guardsman
Huntsville, TN

Dear Soldier,

We’ll be there as long as it takes, but that will probably be only a few weeks. Bush is certain that the Guardsmen will be welcomed as liberators for the millions of undocumented farm workers, landscapers and domestics who labor under horrendous conditions in American fields and suburbs. The Guard’s mission is clearly defined and limited: find and secure the WMDs (women and men deportees) and train the Border Patrol to take over security. As the Border Patrol stands up, we will stand down and move on to our next mission: regime change in South Central Los Angeles.


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