Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Financing the Dream

Dear Indigna,

I recently read about a couple who hope to finance their wedding by selling pixels on a website for advertisements. That’s the whole site: advertisements. Putting aside the crassness of this approach, do you think it could work? They’re trying to raise a million dollars.

Looking for Easy Cash
Las Vegas. NV

Dear Looking,

I can think of few sites more enticing than one that offers nothing but advertisements, so this sounds like an excellent way for companies to invest their scarce marketing dollars. Imagine, being able to enjoy marketing pitches without the interference and distraction of entertainment!

That said, I have chosen a different route to finance my daughter’s wedding. We’ve printed up thousands of wedding invitations and she is posting them at all the local high schools and colleges, announcing her “party” with a cover charge of just $20!

If this doesn’t work, my second daughter plans to simply issue invoices to her wedding guests as they leave, itemizing the costs of the food and drink they consumed along with a “service charge” to cover the church, dress, flowers, etc. The beauty of this approach is that you can make the event as extravagent as you want without fear of debt, because you can engage a collection agency to recover the costs from the deadbeats who ignore the bills.


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