Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jim Crow

Dear Indigna,

Recently, a conservative Christian, the Rev. Paul Zahl, dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA, objected to a church apology for support of slavery, stating, "We just find it hard this moment to take it seriously, when we ourselves feel like African-Americans did 50 years ago." Is it true? Has Jim Crow returned?

Guilty White Liberal Seeking an Out
Ambridge, PA

Dear Guilty,

What rock have you crawled out from under? You're from Ambridge. Haven't you noticed the crummy "Conservatives Only" water fountains mere yards away from the pristine, Perrier-spewing "Liberals Only" water fountains? What about the separate "Conservatives" and "Liberals" restrooms, train cars, hospital wards, baseball teams, textbooks, libraries, waiting rooms and public transit ticket windows? Surely you've seen the "No Conservatives" placards in front of restaurants. Didn't you realize that the marriage between liberal James Carville and conservative Mary Matalin would never have been allowed under the Ambridge anti-miscegenation laws? I would have thought that fire hoses and police dogs would have been amply evident at every liberal school that conservatives attempted to infiltrate. Hey, "they" have Oral Roberts University! Why do they need to come to our school?


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