Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dear Indigna,

Pentecostalism, a Christian religious sect whose central tenet is “speaking in tongues,” claims 600 million followers worldwide. Now, consider that the population of the world is about 6.5 billion. That means fully 10% of humans on earth worship by speaking in tongues. The population of Christians worldwide is estimated at 2.1 billion. So evidently 28% of Christians attend Pentacostal churches. The CIA’s “Factbook,” however, indicates that while 33% of the world adheres to Christianity (in keeping with the above numbers), only 5.8% are Protestant, or 377 million. So, apparently, not only are all Protestants Pentecostal, but so are a goodly number of Roman Catholics, Orthodox and/or Anglicans, even though they may not know it. Are any of these statistics wrong?

True Believer
Hot Coffee, MS

Dear True,

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