Sunday, April 01, 2007

Enjoy a Better Fit With a Bias Cut!

Dear Indigna,

So I see that once again a government official has been caught altering scientific reports to suit the needs of the Bush Administration. Remind me again why we have not removed all of these charlatans from office?

Responsible Landowner
Roosevelt Lake, AZ

Dear Traitor to Your Country,

See, that's the problem with you "reality-based" people. You just don't get it! Of course the Bush Administration puts people with absolutely no education or experience in positions such as this. If this woman were a scientist, she'd be biased by all the science-type so-called "fact," "evidence" and "research" propaganda she would have been exposed to! Since she has absolutely no background in biology, ecology, or any other science that could remotely be useful in making decisions in her current capacity, she is completely unbiased! She is able to make decisions based entirely on politically expediency without the slightest twinge of guilt! Or even understanding of the consequences of her actions! DUH!!!


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