Monday, October 30, 2006


Dear Readers,

I received an interesting and rather literate comment on my post, "Emigrados," that focussed, oddly, on the ersatz petitioner (an Austrian immigrant) rather than the subject of the post (a Vietnamese immigrant). This comment ended, however, in calling me a "crazy red." As the entire post revolved around the concept of linguistic polyvalence, I am at a loss as to whether the commentator (a Mr. or Ms. "Anonymous") is accusing me of being a "red" (i.e., Republican) or a "red" (i.e., Communist), or, most intriguingly, both at once. I thought this closing note distilled the problem faced by Mr. Nguyen quite succinctly.

Readers, which am I--red or red? Or better yet, "read"?


P.S. What's up with the "Anonymous" crap?????


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