Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Women Perform Well in Math

Dear Indigna,

I recently read that, according to "experts," "Some Women Perform Well in Math." Can this possibly be true?

Somewhere in America, I think

Dear Clem,

It's important to understand the circumstances of the test. See, the little ladies were given a math test, then asked to read an article, then given another math test. When the article reminded them (them what cn reed) that girls can't do math, or even just "reminded" them that they are girls (which the flighty little things are likely to forget so easily!) they performed, as expected, poorly on the following math test. When the article suggested, by contrast, that the little ladies were just as capable as the men, they clearly were testing the "uppity" group, because the girls performed as well as, or better than, the men. Either that, or the girls were (a) cheating or (b) just being difficult. So the good news is, you can continue to feel intellectually superior to the females, Clem! (Unless the female in question is your thesis advisor in theoretical physics, in which case I suggest you get yourself cremated immediately because otherwise you're--literally--getting your ass handed to you.)


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