Monday, April 17, 2006

Immigration III

Dear Indigna,

President Bush has done it again! First, in a press conference on March 21 he shrugged off his responsibilities in Iraq by saying that the question of troop withdrawal “will be decided by future Presidents and future governments of Iraq.”

Now he’s come out in favor of outsourcing border security to the lowest private-sector bidder! Will this Administration take responsibility for anything? How much you want to bet it’ll go to Halliburton?

Cynical Citizen
Embarrass, WI

Dear Cynical,

Actually, I’m betting on Dubai Ports World, or perhaps Hezbollah.

Just kidding. Actually, I have my own eye on this prize. I propose we breed thousands of deadly pit vipers, grow them to fantastic proportions through the magic of radiation, and then place them, disgruntled and starving, in flimsily constructed cages crammed cheek by jowl along the border. I think the elegance of my solution is self-evident. I await your call, Mr. President!


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