Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Logical Thought

Dear Indigna,

I read the recent New Yorker piece about YouTube and found it very disturbing. Why do these young people think that self-produced "videos" of themselves blathering ad lib about nothing of interest and then uploaded to a public site will result in actual acting jobs?

Young People These Days
Rabbit Hash, KY

Dear Old Person,

The expectation you find so "disturbing" actually falls squarely into the mainstream of postmodern logical thought. The so-called "YouTube Supposition" is somewhat analogous to the "Beanie Baby Hypothesis" (Beanie Babies are a good college tuition investment), the "Reality TV Theorem" (reality TV is a stepping stone to your own series), the "Shakespeare Conjecture" (if M=(n)Monkeys and T=(n)Typewriters and I=Time, then I(M+T)=the complete works of Shakespeare) and the most recent example, the surmise that, given the correct combination of insufficiencies (men, equipment, rational thought), the same strategy, executed enough times unsuccessfully, must eventually yield success (the so-called "Rumsfeld Doctrine").