Monday, April 09, 2007


Dear Indigna,

How can Attorney General Alberto Gonzales continue to insist that he was not involved in the politcally-motivated purge of federal prosecutors in the face of overwhelming evidence that he was at all the meetings?

I Give Up
What Cheer, IA

Dear Quitter,

You are obviously under the mistaken impression, common among high school and college students, that just showing up counts as "participation." Attorney General Gonzales' body may have been present, but prove to me that he wasn't text-messaging house pages under the table, playing blackjack on his phone, or just watching the latest episode of "Lost" on his iPod! ♫Gotcha♪♫! You can only prove he wasn't doing that if you have actual video taken from under the table, showing the screen(s) of his electronic device(s)! HA!